2011 Corporate Sustainability Report
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Electricity operations

Energy Operations includes wholesale electric and natural gas operations, as well as a new line of business in independent power generation. In New Jersey, Hess completed construction of the Bayonne Energy Center (BEC), a 512-megawatt, natural gas fueled electric power plant jointly owned by Hess Corporation and ArcLight Capital Partners. In 2011 Hess’ proposed Newark Energy Center (NEC) was selected as one of three potential electric generation projects for New Jersey’s Long Term Capacity Agreement Pilot Program based on an assessment of socio-economic benefits to New Jersey electric consumers.

Hess located the BEC on an underutilized industrial property, as opposed to a previously unused greenspace. Moreover, project execution included addressing historical impacts to the property as the site was prepared for reuse. The facility employs the most efficient and modern combustion turbines in the New York City metropolitan area and is expected to displace older and less efficient generating assets in the dispatch order. BEC began operations in mid-2012 and will generate enough electricity to power approximately 500,000 homes in the New York City area.

The NEC is a 655-megawatt gas fired power plant that will be constructed on a brownfields site next to our Newark terminal. This facility will use waste water from the Passaic Valley Sewage Commission, eliminating the need to use fresh water. The NEC’s electricity output, enough to power 700,000 homes, will be delivered to the regional grid. By producing energy from natural gas and using advanced emissions control technology and efficient turbines, the NEC will operate as one of the cleanest and most efficient plants of its kind in the United States. It will ultimately reduce the region’s reliance on older, less efficient power plants with higher emissions of air pollutants.